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body next door
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2017 WINNER Readers' Favorite Mystery
2017 FIRST PLACE Chanticleer Mystery & Mayhem
2017 FINALIST Silver Falchion Mystery
2017 CROWNED HEART InD'Tale Suspense
2017 RONE Nominee Romantic Suspense

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The Body Next Door - An Award-Winner

Samantha Newman desperately needs a job, a place of her own, and a fix for her rocky romance. But there's a dead man next door, and the murder investigation ruins her chance for love and a new career, so she's forced to risk everything to solve the case herself.

What the critics say:

Readers' Favorite Book Reviews:  Yellen's plot is finely woven, and her characters are vividly portrayed, from the strange elevator companions Samantha seems doomed to spend time with to the folks on her boyfriend Carter's ranch. Yellen also admirably addresses the difficulties those coping with loss may experience in forging new relationships. Armchair sleuths will appreciate the clues and red herrings judiciously scattered throughout this breezy and romance-laced mystery. Highly recommended.

InD'Tale Magazine:  The whodunit part of the story has more twists than a country road, and the cast of characters will keep readers on their toes. This story is by no means over and done, and given the joyride throughout, readers will want to continue to the next adventure! Crowned Heart for Excellence

Insite Magazine: Yellen captivates the reader with twists and turns; you won't be able to predict the outcome. So much substance is packed into the pages. There is no doubt that Yellen has done it again. Here's hoping for more.

What readers say:  

Clever plot, memorable characters, full of fun. The Body Next Door held me in its grip, chuckling all the way. // Keeps the reader engaged and wondering what's going to happen next. I loved it. Eager for the next book! // Engaging characters, despicable villains, quirky twists of plot -- a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Here's a quick peek at Chapter 1:
On the moonless highway, a thundering convoy of eighteen-wheelers barreled up out of nowhere and surrounded my compact rental, threatening to crush it between their hurtling wheels. My teeth vibrated to the roar of diesel engines. Trapped at eighty miles an hour, I gripped the steering wheel and held on tight...

It was probably crazy to try to make it all the way from Nebraska in one go, but after two days of rehashing the second-worst chapter in my life, I had to get home—or what passed for home these days: Carter Chapman’s condominium apartment in Houston, on loan until I got back on my feet.
In a colossal moment of bad timing, my phone lit. Risking death by trailer-truck, I slid my focus to the caller ID.


Only two people could be calling from there: a) Carter, my mystery-man of a boyfriend, or b) Gertrude Gold, my former secretary. She’d been staying with me while they tented her house for termites.

The semis heaved around me like freight trains. I held my breath and squeezed the little car—a Ford Frito, or Ferret, or something like that—through a narrow gap and into the right-hand lane. A rolling stockyard rocketed past my headlights. As it sped by, its cargo of hapless cattle raked their startled eyes through slits in the trailer’s corrugated wall.

The dashboard clock read 4:59 a.m., a weird hour for Gertie to be calling. Most likely it was Carter, returned from wherever he’d disappeared to and on his way back to the city, or at least, to his ranch outside of town. Even so, five a.m. . . .

The convoy moved on. Safe on the shoulder, I pressed the connect button. “Hello?”

“Hold on, Samantha, I—”

Not Carter, though I could barely hear Gertie’s voice above a piercing yowl that cut through the earpiece. “Gertie? What’s happening?”

“Sorry for the hour, dear, but I’m at my wit’s end. There’s a situation here with your neighbor and, well, she won’t let me call 9-1-1.”

“My neighbor? Which one?”

Another wail drowned Gertie’s answer. I took a guess. “Is she thirty-something, brunette and big-bosomed?”



“Last thing she needs is another drink.”

“It’s her name. Brandy.”

“Oh. Well, she’s a mess. I let her come in for a minute, and now she won’t go home.”

I should have warned Gertie about potential trouble down the hall. Brandy Bayne and her husband Irwin had marital issues, or alcohol issues, or both, as far as I could tell from their middle-of-the-night yelling. Sometimes she ended up on the wrong side of their front door, pounding and begging Irwin to let her in.

Whatever the problem was, quiet soon prevailed, so I’d always stayed out of it. But tenderhearted Gertie had likely opened our door to see if she could help, only to be sucked into the drama.

“Make her drink lots of water.”

“I did. But I think—” The roar and hiss from another hauler blocked the rest.

“Say again?”

Her words came in a whisper. “I think she has a bigger a problem. There’s blood.”

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Available in Print and eBook
2015 RONE Finalist Romantic Suspense

Available in Print and eBook on Amazon.

The Body Business - The Book That Started It All

With a great job and a fantastic boyfriend, Samantha Newman thinks she has it all. But when her best friend vanishes, doubt creeps in. Is there some ugly reality behind her company's success?

What the critics say:

Otakutwins Reviews: There were heart-pounding, oh-my-gosh moments, intense sabotage and the writing was good too!

InnerLooper: You will read past bedtime to unravel all the cryptic conversations and clandestine appointments.

Insite Magazine: A good balance of romance, action, intrigue danger, and corny jokes. All of the loose ends come to a close in a thrilling climax, and the last chapter leaves the reader hoping for another.

What readers say:

Just when you think you have it figured out, you don’t! // A great first book. Well-plotted, professionally written. the suspense kept me reading to the end. // Good light reading. Very well-written.

Here's a quick peek at Chapter 1:
With the click of the mouse, Samantha Newman knew her life would change forever. The cursor was poised over Send. The slightest pressure from her index finger, and her message would race into the hands of the FBI. So simple, and yet...

With a deep sigh, she parted the curtain of chestnut hair that fell across her tired face and reread what she had written.

Peculiar things are happening at De Theret International. High-level people disappear without explanation, and nobody seems to care. I am afraid who might be next.

It sounded like the hallucinations of a conspiracy-theory nut job. Is that what she was, or was the danger real?

She screwed up her face, imagining how the person who read her message would react. How ironic was it that she, the stellar V.P. of Media Relations for the global staffing firm, couldn’t write a simple e-mail?

Her eyes begged for sleep. After a rough flight home, and sleepless hours at the kitchen table hunched over the keyboard of her laptop, she couldn’t push herself much further. The cold, flat coffee in her mug wasn't helping, and what was still in the pot was sure to be sour and syrupy.

If she weren't so jet-lagged, she could think more clearly. Maybe Lista Pearson was in South America, beyond the reach of a good phone signal, like their boss insisted.

For what seemed like the millionth time, she speed-dialed Lista's number. And for the millionth time, she heard the same cheery greeting: “Hi! This is Lista. Sorry, you’ll have to leave a message.”

She pushed away from the kitchen table. No way her best friend would pack up, move away and not say goodbye. Not Lista, anyway, unless something was terribly wrong. She’d been missing for weeks. With no evidence of foul play, the police backed off. But Samantha knew better. Something had to be done to find Lista, before... before... what?

Murky daylight began to creep through the window. This is ridiculous, she thought. Stop being afraid. Put up or shut up. Get it over with. She scanned the rest of what she had written.

You must find out what happened to Lista Pearson, the last paragraph began. Please, please help.

It still didn’t say all that it should, all that she knew. But she hoped it would be enough to get somebody’s attention. If the FBI knew how much she really, really hated asking anyone for help - least of all them - they would take her seriously.

The clock on the oven blinked six-fifty. Derek would arrive soon to pick her up. It was now or never. Holding her breath, she gripped the mouse again and re-centered the arrow over Send.

This time, she clicked.

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