Chanticleer Award Winner!

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Readers' Favorite Book Reviews: Entertaining and fast-paced. Yellen's plot is finely woven, and her characters are vividly portrayed. Armchair sleuths will appreciate the clues and red herrings judiciously scattered throughout this breezy and romance-laced mystery. Highly recommended.

InD'Tale Magazine: The whodunit part of the story has more twists than a country road, and the cast of characters will keep readers on their toes. This story is by no means over and done, and given the joyride throughout, readers will want to continue to the next adventure! Crowned Heart for Excellence.


Trouble sticks to Samantha Newman like gum on the sole of a shoe. She’s in desperate need of a new job, a place of her own, and a fix for her rocky relationship with cyber-security expert Carter Chapman. Now there’s a dead man next door, and his missing wife is holed up in the apartment where Samantha is staying.

Dragged into the investigation, Samantha catches the eye of a suspicious homicide detective. To make matters worse, a mysterious stalker is haunting her balcony. Could it be the real killer?

When Carter tries to help, they end up at odds again. Stymied by fear and uncertainty, she questions the assumptions she’s made about her past and her future as she navigates a minefield of secrets to redeem her reputation and reclaim the life she wants to live.

The Body Next Door is a Chanticleer Mystery & Mayhem Award Winner.

body next door



The book that started it all! Book #1 in The Samantha Newman Series.

"Sure to keep you on your toes. . . a good balance of romance, action, intrigue, danger, and corny jokes. The last chapter leaves the reader hoping for another book, and another adventure." —Insite Magazine

"The Cruella DeVille of the year: that's who Yellen has expertly re-created as antagonist, one of those characters you just love to hate. Sticks with you long after the story ends." —InD'Tale

"Heart pounding, oh my gosh moments, intense sabotage and the writing was good!" —Otakutwins Reviews

With a great job and a fantastic boyfriend, Samantha Newman thinks she has it all. But when her best friend vanishes, doubt creeps in. Is there some ugly reality behind her company's success? When she asks the FBI for help, they send a man with secrets of his own. How can she find her friend without getting caught in the web of deceit?

Carter Chapman's on a mission. But it wasn't supposed to include a beautiful corporate executive with her own set of problems, until a terrible event puts them on the same path to discovery, and they each have to decide if some secrets are worth the price.

2015 RONE Award Finalist